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The benefits of writing are many. Besides stimulating creativity, it allows to express something of oneself. Indeed, many authors often call upon their own memories, whether they are revealed identically, or more or less transformed through fiction. In all cases, we find over the lines a trace of ourselves which are of the order of secrecy. Sometimes writing also reveals the life we would like to have, or the person you would like to be, through the character you will create.

Through writing, the person becomes one with their own thoughts and emotions. The inner whirlwind that comes from inspiration leaves room for a sensation of wholeness. After writing, the person savors the feeling of satisfaction that comes over them, and enjoys the pleasure of revealing their work to the rest of the group. An empathy appears between everyone.

The optimistic writing... or how to focus on joyful moments

vlcsnap-2022-02-12-19h17m49s028 (1)_edited.jpg

It is thanks to Rossana Bruzzone that I had great pleasure in discovering optimistic writing. She is the pioneer of this mode of expression. It is a mode of autobiographical writing.

According to the theme that is proposed, the participant will extract from his own memories some happy moments. These can be very small ones, the ones we generally pay little attention, because we are too absorbed by our daily lives. But they can be very small moments of happiness that,

when put together, have an immense power. Thus, the writer changes his gaze on their own environment, and will be more and more on the lookout for all these small happy events. Their life will be improved.

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