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No need to be a dancer to let yourself go to the expression of your body. This is why I prefer to talk about movement rather than dance, because dance evokes technique, choreography and agility.. which can be perceived as pressure to perform.

For me, movement will seek the poetry of the body. When we manage to unplug our mind and surrender to our own sensitivity, then we find ourselves moving in ways we never suspected before. We discover another part of ourselves, in the realm of the subtle, of the beautiful, and we enter into connection with it. We are in harmony with our inner part.  The filters coming from our ego are left aside.

The benefits movement brings are immense, infinite. It first allows a connection to oneself, and after a connection to the other persons. Movement brings people together. A new language, beyond words, is therefore being put in place. To further encourage this connection and help creativity, I sometimes use various accessories such as pieces of fabric, elastic bands, bamboo sticks, etc... So the sensory aspect is added to the sensitive one.

butoh plage_edited_edited_edited.jpg

The power of butoh

Born in Japan in 1959, after the Hiroshima bombings, butoh was quickly considered an anarchic dance, because it was in opposition with all the strict rules of the time.

Combining dance and theater, it leaves a great place to improvisation.  It is  as if the body was "put on autopilot", and that we let our internal movements guide our external movements. Spontaneously, the body expresses emotions that cannot be expressed in words. It is very often done slowly, which favors a greater connection with our own sensibility.  Also the feeling of relaxation and anchorage that Butoh provides is immediate.

I was very lucky  to be trained in this practice by the great Juju Alishina, in Paris. 

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