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Groupe Improv

In recent years, drama therapy has become an increasingly effective tool in the treatment of many physical and psychological disorders, as it acts directly on the individual's well-being. 

One of the things I've observed most is how much theater brings people together. The workshop participant can rely on the group to find their own resources within. And then, they observe oneself with brand new eyes. Of course, in dramatherapy, the main medium remains theater. However, it is closely linked to the body work, just as it is with the voice. This is why I tend

to associate different types of expression together. Everyone will be free to explore this universe of possibilities and find what brings them most well-being.

The workshop is designed so that from the very beginning, we fall directly into the imaginary. And in the imaginary, everything is allowed. Everyone is free to express whatever comes to mind, and in whatever way they wish, without worrying about the judgment of others. 

 "Theater represents a wide range of human relationships. While life flows by, always present, the theater is an extraordinary fact that reproduces existence in a special form."

Walter Orioli

Theater has many facets. It is contemporary or classical, absurd or dramatic, melodramatic or musical. This is not the type of theater that dramatherapy is about. Let's leave the technique to the professional actors! Here, it is very rare to rely on texts, and of course to have to memorize them. Creation is born on the moment, and we say things as they come. Sometimes we don't even talk. We pass the message without words. Through the character, we can share a memory or reveal our mood of the day in an indirect way.


Dramatherapy brings theater within reach of everyone, taking into account the specificities of each person. Different elements can also serve as intermediaries. Everyday objects in "object theater", or masks or puppets that act as a third and thus help the most inhibited ones. "It's not me on the stage! It's someone else."

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