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get it out!

Come as you are and express yourself creatively!

The workshop takes place in a safe and kind environnement. Non-judgement is the basis of all work in art-therapy. First, non-judgement of the other group members, but above all, non-judgement toward oneself.  You don't need to be an artist to participate to this workshop. The purpose is not to become a professional artist or writer, but to connect to the creative part that everyone has inside of them, and let it thrive. Creativity permits each of us to express differently what we cannot express with speech. 

Based on a specific topic proposed by us, everyone is encouragd to bring out small pieces of themselves, share some slices of life, or free themselves from emotions difficult to let go. Writing and drawing will be your guides in this incredible journey.

At the end of the session, the group is invited to share with each other about how the process went for them, if there were any revelations, or shared common points. The support from the group is very important.

When and where?

Wednesday, January 19th to February 28th 2024

From 06.00 pm to 07.30 pm

at Collège Français

100 Carlton

Toronto, M5B 1M3


Who will accompany me?


Registered psychotherapist and



Catherine completed a Master of Disability Studies specializing in Applied Behaviour Analysis and and advanced diploma in Art Therapy. She is a board certified behaviour analyst and registered psychotherapist. Catherine has over 13 years of clinical experience with families and individuals of all ages. She has been able to support over 2000 individuals with a various diagnoses Her therapy focuses on understanding client's hopes and goals. She works collaboratively with them on highlighting their strengths, values, and motivation.

Catherine Lau


Nicolas Bézier


Originally from the south-west of France, Nicolas moved to Canada in 2006. He quickly discovered his passion for acting, and create his troupe "Minuit Pile" a few years after. He wrote several plays that he directed, mixing acting, but also dancing and circus arts.

After being trained to the optimistic writing by Rossana Bruzzone in 2017, he went back temporary to Paris to study art-therapy at Inecat. The artistic mediums he uses are theatre, movement, writing and tales.


How can I join the group?

Just give your information on the form beside and you will be connected on the Paypal page. You will receive an email confirming that your registration has been successfully completed.

The fee for the 6 sessions workshop is c$ 240 + HST. All the materials are included. You just need to bring your smile.

Good to know: Possibility to be claimed under insurance plans that cover psychotherapy.

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