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About me

Originally from France, I quickly discovered my attraction to the arts in general. I spent a large part of my adolescence creating short comics, then sketching portraits of people in my life. It is thus quite naturally that I directed myself towards studies in plastic arts, at the University of Bordeaux. I will  later develop another passion: photography, and more especially portraits.


In 2006 I flew to Canada. It was in Montreal that I discovered theater. What I had approached at first as a social activity quickly turned out to be a real passion that I could not do without. Acting led me to discover new facets of myself. I allowed myself to jump into the foibles of certain characters, amused as a child who defies the forbidden. In 2013, I was curious to explore a different perspective, writing "Sous le Plancher des Boches", the first play I had also decided to direct myself. This is how I created Minuit Pile theatre troupe, together with my great friend and accomplice Nadia Fontaine. The style of Minuit Pile was to add other artistic mediums to the art of acting. From time to time, the actors became dancers, or even singers. We were also lucky enough to have acrobats from the National Circus School of Montreal. This combination of several mediums will sometimes be found in my accompaniments. Minuit Pile will then have a second life in Paris.

Photo: Colyne Deshommes

For a long time, I wanted to bring another dimension to theater, by helping people recover from  suffering. Especially people who have experienced psychological violence. Subjects that I denounced in the play "In the Shadow of a Doubt".


2018, the call of my cultural roots pushed me to return to France for a little more than two years. I  I took the opportunity to attend a program in art therapy, with a specialization in artistic mediation, thus more oriented on the accompaniment of groups. This took place in Paris, at the INECAT (Institut National d'Expression, de Création, Art et Transformation), born from the Association Art & Therapy, founded in 1981 by the psychiatrist Jean-Pierre Klein. I am delighted to have counted him among my teachers. I was thus able to discover new means of expression, such as storytelling with Chloé Gabrielli, and movement (another great revelation for me), with the dancer and choreographer Alvaro Morell.

Another great encounter through this program, and not the least, was with Delphine Rich. I had the chance to collaborate twice with her in the field. We accompanied elderly people in one institution, and persons suffering from addictions in another one. Delphine passed on to me so much knowledge of this beautiful profession of drama therapy that I consider her to this day my mentor... and friend.


After graduation, I am now back in Toronto, enriched by so many experiences, and eager to accompany people in the discovery of their richness.



Besides all that, I discovered a real passion for adventure travel, with my bag on my back. Many of them led me to leave my comfort zone and to build myself. I also practice fitness and yoga. More recently, I fell in love with aroma therapy, and since then I have a lot of fun making all my own cosmetics. Another way to create.

Plays written and/or directed by Nicolas Bézier
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