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"Through scenic arts, my goal is to accompany you in the discovery of  your inner strengths, the expression of your emotions, and the enhancement of your relationship with other people ."

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About Dramatherapy

First, it is important to know that a dramatherapy workshop is not an acting class. The purpose is not to teach you how to become an actor. There is no text to learn by heart, not concept of performance. It is in this way that dramatherapy fully responds to the adage from Philippe Pollet-Villard:


"it is not the destination that counts, but the journey that takes us so far.

And especially the detours".


Through several games inspired from theatre but also movement, the goal is to help you reconnect your body and mind, listen to your inner self and express through the body - and through a character - what cannot be expressed with the usual language. Therefore, it is a work on oneself that remains in the field of playfulness and discovery.

In addition to these explorations, the workshop always includes times during which each participant will have the opportunity to share with the group what has gone through them.

about drama

The advantages of Dramatherapy

advantages drama
groupe d'étude de l'adolescence
Image de Sarah Cervantes

Develop imagination and creativity

There is no need to have an artistic background.

Imagination and sensitivity are skills that we all have, and they are the first steps to creation.  

That's why an artist needing to express themself is hidden inside each of us.

Create links with others

And improve interpersonal relationships. 

It is mainly with the help of mutual support from the group that creation takes place.

Discover new skills

Or I should say "skills that you already had inside of you, but never had the chance to meet".

It is also an excellent way to get out of your confort zone, while feeling safe... and surprise yourself!


Dramatherapy is also recommended to...

  • Develop and improve concentration, memory, cognitive, mental and physical resources,

  • Recognize and differentiate the various emotions. Learn to verbalize them and control them,

  • Accept the gaze from others onto oneself,

  • Improve self-esteem, self-confidence and confidence in others,

  • Learn how to relax and let go,

  • Overcome fears,

  • Discover themself differently,

  • Have fun and enjoy the present moment.

Who is it for

Who is it for?

I work principally with groups of people who meet some challenges in their life:

Persons suffering from depression or other health issues, people living with any types of disabilities... Also children and teenagers struggling with the transition to adulthood, people living in the street, in jail, or suffering from addictions. Dramatherapy is also a wonderful tool for elderly persons starting to face cognitive difficulties that can come with aging, and it is also liberating for persons who experience violence, whether physical or psychological.

In short, dramatherapy can be applied to anyone wishing to move forward in their life.

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